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Fast Shipping Roundup

Fast Shipping Product Roundup

Many shoppers might not be aware that there are rapid 1-5 day, Free Shipping options on Xtra Vibrant with many products from China and European locations.

Here’s a summary of some of Fastest ~ Free Shipping items currently available on Xtra Vibrant.  We’ll continue to update this as more stock is added ~ highlighting Fast, Free Shipping items.

Useful Fast Free Shipping items on Xtra Vibrant include:

Robot Vacuums with Fast Free Shipping

ILIFE V5s Pro Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 1000PA Suction Dry and Wet Mopping




The Richbit 250W Portable Folding Electric Bicycle with Removable Battery has 715 days Free Shipping


The Tritina Noise Cancelling Earphones have 5 – 15 days Free Shipping











Enjoy Bluetooth connected high quality audio, wireless calls and iOS battery status readouts.