Vantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam

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Vantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam features a 170° viewing angle, with night vision effects with infrared light to enable recording clearly at night.



Key Features

The Vantrue N2 Dual Lens Dash Cam is packed with top end features including:
Cyclic Recording, Real Time Surveillance, Wide Dynamic Range, G-sensor, Led Display, Dual Lens, Night Vision, SD/MMC Card, Cycle Recording, Motion Detection, Time & Date Display, Microphone

Dual 1080P Front and Rear Dash Cam
With a 170° front facing OV4689 sensor camera and 140° rear facing sony sensor camera(80° rotatable) in one body, N2 pro shots both front and inside the cabin simultaneously in full hd 1920x1080P 30fps.

It is an ideal dash cam for taxis, Uber drivers, ridesharers, Lyft drivers, commuters, and families, providing drivers and passengers with protection and peace of mind.

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Processor: NOVATEK NT96655
Front Cam Sensor: NT99141 1/4″ CMOS
Rear Cam Sensor:AR0330 1/3″ CMOS
Video: H.264 compression; MOV
Front Cam Recording: 1920x1080P/30fps 1280x720P/30fps
Dual Cam Recording: (Front) 1440x1080P/30fps;(Rear) 1280x720P/30fps.
Image: JPEG; 12M Pixels
External Memory: Micro SD Card (Class 10) Up to 64GB
USB Port: USB 2.0, Mini
Battery: 250mAh
AV Out: Support
Video Playback: Support view on PC/HDTV/Dash Cam
PC Operation System: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Mac
Vantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam
1. Before using, please format sd card on your camera first. Samsung Evo 32GB card is recommended (not included).
2. To use the rear camera at night, please turn on the light of your car.
3. If windshield mounts are illegal in your state, please buy an Adhesive Mounting Disk for adhering to dashboards.
4. Optional GPS module records location, direction, speed, date and time into video clips, allowing you to track the gps information on Map via Vantrue GPS Player.
5. When you use this dash cam, please note that night vision effects works well with front cam, if you want to record car inside in the evening, we suggest that you turn on the lights inside the car.

Vantrue N2 dash cam with motion detection recorder:
For those who are very aware of the safety of the road, the Vantrue N2 dual lens dash camera is undoubtedly your best choice for your driving safety. Featuring a 170° viewing angle, more lanes covered and night vision effects with infrared light to make you record clearly at night, the front lens captures (1920×1080 @ 30fps) and (1440×1080 @ 30fps ) videos in front cam mode, while in dual cam recording mode, the front camera captures (1440×1080 @ 30fps) in HD videos. With 140° view angle, the 80° rotatable rear view camera captures (1280×720 @ 30fps) videos. The dual-lens setup ensures you notice the traffic around you more clearly while driving. The dash camera for cars front and rear can provide critical video and audio evidence to police, insurance companies and court. With additional features like G-sensor, Emergency lock, Seamless loop recording and Parking mode, you’ll feel much safer on the way.You can also record the scenery along the road when travel.

Dual Cameras Recording Mode

Dual Cameras Recording mode simultaneously records road ahead (1440x 1080 @30fps) and cabin (1280×720 @30fps) in crisp detail, stunning ultra wide angles record road (170°) and car inside(140°)with virtually zero fish eye distortion and reduces blind spots. HDR (High Dynamic Range) for clearer vision during both day and night-time driving.Vantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam

High Resolution Imaging
1. Equipped with NOVATEK NT96655 Processor and efficient H.264 video encoding, Vantrue N2 Dual Car Dash Cam records fast moving scenes in high speed and captures high definition images and videos.
2. Full HD 1080P @30fps of front camera (with infrared light for night vision effects) plus 720P @30fps of rear camera present ultra-high quality and smooth video.Vantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam
Gravity Sensor & Emergency Lock
G-sensor with Automatic Collision Detection emergency detects any impact and lock the important video segments including the whole collision footage to event folder to ensure you have a complete witness. Built-in G-sensor with sensibility adjustable. Emergency Lock, auto detects any impack and lock the important video video files when emergency.Vantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam
Seamless Loop Recording
Loop Recording will overwrite the oldest footage with the newest one when the memory card approaches to its maximum capacity to get efficient storage management. Auto power on and record while car engine started. Auto LCD OFF after the recording begins, you can also turn this function off if you prefer the LCD stays on.Vantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam

Car Camera Motion Sensing (Dual Parking Modes)

Parking mode can be triggered by the Motion Detection or Time Lapse. Motion Detection records when people or objects approach your car, while Time Lapse captures photos at set time intervals to create a video montage.Auto start/stop the recording when it senses movement/no movement in front while the car is parking. Monitor your car condition for 24 hours with continuous power supply.

To use the parking mode, please (Hardwire Kit) or connect it with external battery.Vantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam

Optional GPS
Please buy extra (GPS Receiver Module)The GPS helps you accurately assess the status of the accident by providing you with the vehicle speed, the direction of the collision and the severity of impact. The dash camera not only records speed in either KM/H or MP/H, driving footage, but can also be used to track and recall past driving routes whether it be work or holiday routes.Vantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam
What’s in box?
1x Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Camera;
1x Car Charger;
1x USB Cable;
1x User Manual;
1x Quick GuideVantrue N2 Car DVR Dual Lens Dash Cam

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